To all the Lovers

Hello friends and fellow food lovers! Thank you for checking out “Hil’s Kitchen”!

I am overjoyed to be sharing my adventures in food with you. As I explain to you the birthing of my blog, it is important that you first know this…

Mr. & Mrs. We Love Steve Carell

I am newly married to this handsome champion! He’s my partner in crime, my cream in my coffee, my adhesive to my band aid, my best friend, my dog whisperer, and most importantly one of my biggest challenges in the world of food!

You see, I grew up eating things like this…

And my husband grew up eating things like this…

Now, both of these things are equally delicious, but the combination of  two pallets such as ours always makes life in the kitchen a grand adventure.

On top of the differences in pallets comes the ever daunting task of grocery shopping, budgeting, and most importantly coming up with something creative to make with what we already have that will please both our tastes.

In my excavation of this task that has been bestowed upon me as a new wife, I encountered other young women, single and married, who also wondered how to make the most of what they had in their fridge without depleting their savings accounts every time they hit up Trader Joe’s, all the while making their food taste more than mediocre.

Hence, “Hil’s Kitchen”.

My hope is that you can frequent this blog to inspire you to get creative with what may be only a few ingredients left from last weeks grocery list. It’s time for us to rise up and take back what’s rightfully ours! The right to make food and make it taste freakin’ DELICIOUS. To stay below budget, save money for our trips to New York in October and the future Corgi we are going to buy, and no longer be afraid of having to “use up” what’s in the kitchen. It’s time to make food fabulous again and it’s time to eat in!! Whose with me! Aaaahhh!!!!!!!!

Thank you again for beginning this adventure with me. Stay tuned for my next post where we dive in to a delicious meal I made without having to buy a single ingredient! Riveting!


4 thoughts on “To all the Lovers

  1. Great idea, Hil!!
    Let’s not forget that the honorable peanut butter cup was probably the “invention” of a happy culinary accident. And these days, culinary “fusion” is all the rage. I’m not so sure about peanut butter and sushi (ok, the pix were my immediate “inspration”) but ya never know! Looking forward to what you come up with! (I guess the Harris Family Food Challenges can expect some serious competition from you down the line…..”Oh, it was just something I threw together from leftovers in the fridge…”) xoxo, Aunt Mimi

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