Origins of Greatness

Hello again my world!

Before we hop into recipes I realized I left out a few things from my previous post. First of all, I am not a trained professional. I am not a “chef”. My husband thinks I am, bless his precious soul. But I am not :). And quite frankly many of the things I share with you may seem incredibly, elementary, simple. That’s kind of the point. Gourmet for Dummies you might call this blog.

Second, all of my greatness and talent came straight from my Mom & Dad. Mom knows how to budget and my she does it well. She knows how to ration food and make it last. She knows how to finish the food and finish all the food. Nothing goes to waste. She is also a wonderful cook.

Dad is a chef. Dad cooks for himself on his birthday because if you want it done right, he knows he’s got to do it himself. At lunch time, our family pulls out ordinary ingredients and stuff our faces. Except Dad. Dad studies the food, takes a step back, leaves the room, returns to the ingredients. He lets the ingredients speak to him. The ingredients tell Dad what to do, and he obeys and it’s magic. My childhood is summed up as this. Mom and kids stuff their faces, 15 minutes later Dad takes same ingredients Mom and kids had and makes something FANTASTIC and eats it alone as we all stare in awe and jealousy. This is my Dad. No food is ordinary. Everything must be delicious. Love that about him.

Look at how stunning they are! And check out Lynda Kennedy Photography, a true professional!

I’m glad you know where I’m coming from now, feels better. I would hate to have you think that my genius, beauty, creativity and talent came from the Food Network. Nope, these people.


4 thoughts on “Origins of Greatness

  1. Our family loves food thats for sure!! :O) Holly is the queen of making a gourmet meal out of what she finds in the pantry. It’s truly a God given gift. I tell her she should have her own show on the Food Network called Pantry Chef. She just shows up to random houses and asks if she can make them a meal out of whatever they have in their fridge/pantry.

    • Makayla, let’s talk about YOUR mom’s salami sandwiches! Haha! Easiest trade decision ever! Except I now go my parent’s house and ask my mom to make me a turkey sandwich 😉 I’m so happy you’re following, thank you! Would love to see more from Baby Branco blog 🙂

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