Grilled Cheese- Recreating a Classic

“Is she really going to talk about how to make grilled cheese?” Yes. Kind of. You need to hear it.

It all stems from me wanting to cry in our kitchen. And being thankful for my mom. Let me explain.

You ever just have those days where you don’t want to cook anymore? Where you don’t want to do the dishes anymore? Where if you have to serve someone another meal on a plate before serving yourself you are going to cry long, hard, pitiful sobs? Yea, me neither. Except yes, probably once for every season. That’s when I remember how my Mom would cook for me and my siblings all the time and cleaned up after us and then did it all again for all 3 meals for as long as I can remember. Sigh. What a luxury 🙂 Thanks Mom. Can you come over please? And for the few  times she left the dishes in the sink with disdain and put her feet up and turned on America’s Next Top Model and tuned out… I totally get it now Mom, I totally get it.

Last Saturday was my seasonal brink of crying in the kitchen day. We had a busy morning at a church meeting, caught part of my nephew’s soccer game, I had a my monthly visitor and all she wanted was more Ibuprofen. Rich & I were both hungry and tired and ready for lunch. What a winning combo. But the thought of having to come up with something satisfying for both of us, and having to add another dish to the sink. Drama. I could have won an Oscar.

Our conversation ended with my apologies:

“I’m sorry I’m a butt”.

“That’s okay babe”. HA! Love that man.

As a foodie, there is always the looming pressure to make food fantastic. Instead of having to shop every time you want a new meal, or trying to find ingredients you can’t pronounce, I’ve started to abide by one foundational  thought, recreate the classics. Too often I think, ” I can’t just make spaghetti, I can’t just make chicken, I need to make something fabulous!” That’s where the grilled cheese challenge comes into play.

On that day of my emotional breakdown, after I apologized for being a butt, I regrouped and decided to use what I had to make a delicious grilled cheese sandwich and this moment became a metaphor for many of the seasons in my life… (not really, kind of). I don’t know if there’s anything more simple and comfortable than cheese and bread, especially when it’s all melty 🙂

So here’s what I did…I checked Pinterest. So many of my inspirations come from this site, as all you women already know. There are some really creative people out there so I just let them do the work and then inspire me! After seeing that you can add anything from fruit to chocolate to your grilled cheese, I just pulled out what I had.


Not being a butt and not crying anymore and being hungry.




What I had lying around was : Basil, Mozzarella that needed to be used up, avocado  tomato and red onion from my Aunt Katie’s garden, Organic wheat bread, Vegenaise (No, I’m not vegan, it was an experimental buy 😉

Avengers, Assemble! 

Buttered both sides of my bread, grill, butter side down.

Hi pretty

Do you ever lust after food? Yea, me neither…

Nice tan Mr. Sandwich

No one gets mad about cheese melting out of their sandwich

I know, this post is so hilariously simple. But here’s the main thought, you are bigger than a recipe! You can use what you have! You can recreate the ordinary using what’s already looming in your fridge. You can get creative! And you can stop crying and not be a butt to those in your house and make yourself a stinkin’ good meal and enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

Let me know your twists on traditional meals! What have you added or subtracted from your dishes that was surprisingly pleasing?


5 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese- Recreating a Classic

  1. I am behind on your blog, but I just read this post, and it made me laugh out loud. You make it sound fun to try to be creative with the leftover stuff in my fridge! I am definitely inspired. And your humor doesn’t hurt. : )

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