NY Eats

Hi readers! Welcome back and sorry for the delay in posts!

Rich and I just returned from 9 glorious days in New York City! Our friends are stationed on Staten Island through the Coast guard so we were able to visit our dear friends and take the ferry into the city of Manhattan as we pleased. Oh my goodness what a magical place. I completely fell in love with Manhattan. People, lights, movement, heart, attitude!

We were also able to visit the ever so charming and historical town of Sleepy Hollow for a day. What a BEAUTIFUL little village, and so full of character, especially around Halloween time!

I wish I could share ALL of what this trip was like, but I think you’ll agree that the most important aspect of a trip is the food. And that’s what I’m here to share with you! 🙂

I just want to apologize to all of you who thought I only eat organic and healthy all the time. Santa is not real and that is not true of me. This girl can EAT. Especially in a great place like New York. So basically, every health conscious thought was squashed during these 9 days. I will say, however, that we walked around the city a total of about 20+ miles, so there! Guilt eliminated.

Let’s begin shall we!

My first culinary buy in NY was a street hot dog! So satisfying and necessary on a trip to NY. Just look at it!

Ketchup, Deli Mustard, Kraut

Next bite was a little more gourmet at a hole in the wall restaurant called “Hourglass Tavern” . No really, a hole in the wall. Smallest restaurant I’ve ever been to. But yummy food 🙂 I got the house made raviolis with a mushroom sauce. Real tangy and savory. Real good.  But the pictures were majorly flashed out, so unfortunately I have nothing to show for it 😦

Then came the NY Pizza! From Ray’s Pizza. In the movie “Elf”, Santa tells Buddy to go to the original Ray’s Pizza on 11th. We didn’t make it to the one on 11th, but this one was just as satisfying and right across the way from our hotel. Let me introduce you to the NY slice:

The goddess

I’m ashamed to say that I took a look at this slice and thought, “Really, that’s it? That’s NY pizza? Looks greasy just like CA pizza”. And then I took a bite…

Deer in pizza headlights   

With this one bite I realized, that we all are sheep that have gone astray and we are all in need of a shepherd. I can’t explain why NY pizza is superior to that of California. But I think it starts with the fluffy, chewy, crunchy crust. Then it makes it’s way to the powerfully humble and smooth sauce, and ends somewhere among the unobtrusive, salty mozzarella. I shoulda packed that sucker in my suitcase.

Then my husband told me how I was supposed to eat it.

Fold that sucker like it might get away from ya and catch the next subway train

“Oh, like this honey? ”

Pinkie unintentionally out. Always a lady

Next was a pastrami sandwich from the famous Carnegie Deli (There was a picture and a note from J.Lo on the wall, that’s how I know it’s famous). This sandwich was as big as my face and fed me, my friend and her 6ft+ husband. But I think he was still hungry afterwards…The best thing about ordering this sandwich was that Carnegie’s is truly authentic. I mostly know this because the inside of the deli was LOUD. The workers were all impatient. And I never felt more insignificant in my life. NY Magic. And I mean that with all the fondness in the world.

Would you like a sandwich with that pastrami?

Next, we have the Philly Cheesesteak. (I told you this was no organic picnic guys). Found on the corner of something and something, right outside of the Staten Island Ferry station in Manhattan. Called, “Dominics”.

Rich & I stared at the menu for about 3 minutes when the man working the truck finally said in his best accent, “I’ve been working this truck  on this corner fah 18 yrs. If dat don’t tell ya its’ good I dont know what will.”

Well said sir. With that, we ordered this. Cheddar cheese on top, pepper, onions and mushrooms on the side. (Since this was mainly for my man and I only wanted ONE little bite… 😉 )

I feel like our future newborn may be this big

Can we get a close up?

Oh yea baby.

Handsome with a full mouth enjoying his manwich in mid traffic.

On this particular day we were able to wash down our beef with a little espresso at Stumptown Coffee, a super yummy and hip cafe that our friends from Portland area had told us all about. Lucky for us they had just started  a Manhattan location as well!

Latte. I drank this and became 5x’s more trendy than I already was.

Towards the end of our trip we made our way to the town of Sleepy Hollow. You know, the one about the Headless Horseman and all that? Bet you didn’t know that was located in NY, only minutes from Manhattan. SUPER cool town. Well, a village really. Adorable old houses and enchanting cemetery and churches where people like Washington Irving (author of Sleepy Hollow) and William Rockefeller are buried.

We ate dinner at a charming place called Horse Feathers. Adorable right? You felt like you went back in time as you entered. The walls were adorned with pictures and quotes from authors of old.

Some historical hottie

Oh, and this is what I ate. A cheeseburger inside of a BLT club sandwich. So basically this sandwich gives you membership to the “you should not be eating that much beef” club. With sweet potato fries. Need I say more.

Sorry for the flash and blurriness. So much food that it came on a skillet. I shared this, I promise.

The last place we ate in NY, right after visiting the American Museum of Natural History, and right before canoodling in Central Park at dusk, was Shake Shack. Basically the In&Out of the east coast with no hormones or antibiotics in their beef. But our cashier kindly brought to our attention that In&Out was like Shake Shack, not the other way around 🙂 And because I like to finish things the way I start them, like a full circle kind of Oprah deal, I got a hot dog… and cheese fries… because I also like to add to the way I start things…

Hot dog “dragged through the garden” with pickles, cucumber, onion, tomato, relish & peppers.

But the real special thing about this hot dog is the way they grill it. By slicing it in half long ways and grilling both halves, making each bite a grilled one. Why didn’t I think of that??

Let’s not forget these beauties…

Crinkle fries covered in American & Cheddar cheeses.

And this is where we sat to let all the food settle in to our arteries, as we took one last view of the beautiful Central Park and the city that holds it…

I’m sure you don’t find it hard to believe that today I have eaten oatmeal, a lettuce wrap and some spinach and popcorn. Let the detox begin, but please, please, please, whatever you do… Go to New York!

*Not featured in this blog post due to poor lighting and forgetfulness are the following restaurants and dishes; Ditch Plains (super trendy upper westside surf & turf eats)  featuring fried pickles, cheesey jalapeno and bacon “tots”, lobster chowder & pastrami tacos.  Hourglass Tavern (hole in the wall, fanciful, historical & tasteful) featuring in house bread and in house ravioli. And Tom’s Restaurant (Host of Seinfeld’s show famous diner) Featuring Oreo shake, cheeseburger and fries 🙂 .


4 thoughts on “NY Eats

  1. Haha!!!! I loved this post! You have an awesome personality and fun writing style. This really made me want to go back to NY and see all the things I haven’t seen!

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