Quick & Easy Ratatouille (RAT-TAT-TOO-EE)


You all already know that my love, Rich, has a sensitive palate. (I’ve gotten really good and finding other words for “picky eater”). One thing that he has assured me of is that he can absolutely NOT tolerate cauliflower or zucchini, or he will gag until he dies.

Well guess what? I, my friends, am what you call a miracle worker.

Cauliflower is still TBA (I’m already planning meals where I hide it in buffalo sauce, or blend it to oblivion with cheese), but zucchini, I laugh in the face of zucchini!!

I made this quick dish of Ratatouille, not actually knowing I was making Ratatouille, and my husband ate half of a zucchini not even realizing it was zucchini!

Here’s the secret: Saute any gaggable veggie with enough BUTTER, ONION & GARLIC, and your veggie will no longer be gaggable, it’ll be husband proof 😉

Traditional Ratatouille really just means “stewed vegetables”, but would normally include tomato, basil and zucchini. But really, use what you got!

This is really SO easy. So much so that I made it again for myself using eggplant as the base. Here’s how it went down the second time, using what I had from our Aunt Katie’s garden. So basically, it cost me nothing. New shoes for me!!


1. Gather whatever veggies you need used up. This is what I had on hand. Garlic and onion is a must.

*Traditional Ratatouille would include tomato & zucchini. Even if you hate the texture of cooked tomato, you can stew it down enough where it really dissolves and blends with the other veggies.


2. Chop all veggies. Saute onions and peppers (your “hard veggies”) first, in an undisclosed amount of real organic butter 🙂 .








3. After “hard” veggies have softened a little, add the rest of your “softer” veggies. At this point I also added some seasoning. Salt, pepper, chili powder.








4. Add basil (Basil reaaally give this dish it’s flavor) and garlic last to avoid soggy basil and burnt garlic.

Um, yes please.


5. Let those veggies simmer! Let them get to know each other, mingle and hang out a while. When they seem to be BFF’s, and you can’t stand it any longer, your ratatouille is finished.

This might look like a hot mess, but it’s actually perfect.

Mmm, comfort. Check out that C.D. that’s behind the glass by our friends Joseph & Tosha Zwanziger!

Now go make something warm and cozy and healthy and watch the rain fall down and pretend like you’re in France ❤


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