It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like.. Our First Christmas!

Happy December to all! The Christmas season is finally, officially, here!

Time for as much White Christmas, Home Alone & Elf as I please!

I tried to convince my husband that the Christmas season starts well before Thanksgiving. On one particular drive home from a family dinner we  got into a conversation about the Charlie Brown song “Christmas time is Here” (Because I believe that Christmas time is always here). This song may or may not have led to a heated discussion about Christmas cheer and talking about when our parents will no longer be alive and calling my husband a Scrooge and eventually me, crying about Christmas. And by may have I mean, all of these things definitely happened.

I tried to explain to him that Christmas is not just an event,

“Its about the “Smells, sounds, lights….feelings!”

“Christmas is about Jesus too, right babe?”


And Hilary’s heart grew three sizes that day…

It is mine and Rich’s VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS as newlyweds and I am learning how to fill my own home with holiday cheer and joy since my husband, God bless his tender soul, doesn’t have Christmas running through his blood as I do, but he’s learning!

This season I’ve learned that the Christmas Spirit does not magically appear in your home, you must make it happen. And when you’re freshly on your own you don’t exactly have an assortment of Christmas decorations lying around. (If you do, I want to know you, let’s be friends).

So it’s been my personal project to get this house looking like a little Macy’s window without having to brave the Black Friday crowds.

DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to make this a craft blog! But in the true spirit of Hil’s Kitchen, it’s about gathering what you have to make your home festive! Okay, we can all breathe again… Pictures of food will be back soon enough.

Here’s some decor issues I have had to tackle:

1. Hanging Stockings: I don’t know how you hang stockings with no mantel and in a rental house with walls that you want to put minimal holes. So I improvised without having to go out and buy hooks. Mission: Find something heavy:
















Books! These books were used as our wedding decorations, so not only are they stylish and unconventional for stocking support, but they have sentimental value as well. And I could place decor on top of the books, space saver! 😉 (Our stockings are now being filled and they are still holding their weight, no pun intended 😉

2. Ornaments, or lack thereof. I learned that ornaments are generally not something you have on hand. Rich and I came into our marriage with a total of 3 ornaments collectively. (Before collecting from our parents). Stink. If there’s anything an emotional Christmas lover DOES NOT need, it’s a bare tree. And Lord knows I am not even trying to spend money on non-sentimental ornaments. OBVIOUSLY 😉

So I gathered what I could think of that would be inexpensive and accessible:


-Little pine cones from my parents tree

-Old fabric that I already had

-Glitter & Glitter glue that I already had

-Glue gun

-Thin Ribbon for hanging. I did have to buy this. But it was $.99 each at Michaels.

Now, I understand if you’re an established, fancy tree decorating type of person, these ornaments are not going to apply to you. I didn’t grow up with a matching, uniformed, looks like it came from Pottery Barn tree. It’s more of a collage of memories, in which case, these ornaments fit perfectly 🙂

– Pom Ornaments

Using just a scrap of denim, scissors and old cardboard, I made this adorable pom ornament! ( I sound like MacGyver)















I found a great step by step at this blog right here:

– Northern Star Ornament

My favorite ornament was the Northern Star ornament. Please don’t make this complicated. Break up little sticks and put them together until they look like a star. Adhere with hot glue. Cover in glitter. Adhere hanging ribbon at preferred length. So cute. ( I actually assembled one with my 4 yr old niece and her’s looked MUCH better than mine. Not sure what that’s about)

– Angel Dust Pine Cones. Cover that cone in glitter, adhere your ribbon and let your inner 4th grader say “Ooooo pretty!”















3. Frame it! (Or write it)

What I have not done (but will do) is take frames we already have around our house and change out their pictures with Christmasy things 🙂 Like:

– Old family Christmas photos

-Wrapping Paper

-Printed or drawn Christmas phrases.

Found this adorable frameable quote from Elf on Etsy:

Christmas cheer

Click on the image for link to Etsy shop!














– We also have 2 chalkboards in our house that are waiting to be filled with holiday spirit. I have yet to master the whimsical chalkboard writing that I’ve seen on Pinterest so I will omit what my chalkboard currently looks like, but Molly from The Poor Sophisticate did it beautifully!


Hopefully I’ve given some of you the inspiration ( or motivation ) to come up with your own freebie Christmas decor 😉 Would love to see and hear about what you’ve done around your homes so please indulge this Christmas lover and do share!


4 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like.. Our First Christmas!

  1. Okay first of all, I think we should be best friends. Haha…I could pretty much relate to everything you said! Except we have an overabundance of ornaments (maybe you should come pick some off our tree?) because I have the sentimental ones from growing up, and I get them on sale after Christmas every year. Maybe the answer is for me to get a bigger tree to fit them all. Okay that is just sad and you’re probably hating me right now ha! Anyway, the ornaments you made were great! Secondly, your first paragraph about your fight made me laugh, because I think we’ve had discussions just like that. And it’s nice to know it’s not just us. : ) Thirdly, I’m glad you mentioned MacGyver, because I love him. Lastly, I know we’ve only hung out once, but I think you should come over and watch Elf with us. P.S. You are hilarious, and I love your blog.

  2. Those are some pretty awesome DIY ornaments! It is a bit hard decorating the first year (it’s the first year me and my partner are living together). I had stashed a few decorations away but there was definitely some “borrowing” of tree lights and ornaments from my family. We also managed to acquire some decorations from thrift stores (after Christmas is an awesome time to look, too)!

    I love Christmas, and try to hang onto it as long as possible. I don’t know about you but I fight to keep the decorations up until no one can handle it anymore. Given my own choice, the outside lights would be up until at least the end of February!

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