French Toast Pancakes

Mornings with Rich are one of my favorite things. Its golden when he doesn’t have to be at work or an event on his days off. I cherish these mornings and its actually turned this sleeper into somewhat of an early riser. A miracle!! We’ve settled into our own little sweet routine on the mornings we do have together. He gets up before me and brews the coffee and I like to make us a big breakfast.

On these mornings inevitably comes the temptation to throw health out the window as we indulge in carbs and pork bacon. (No, turkey bacon is not a decent substitute. Its great if you want turkey bacon. Not if you want bacon bacon. There is no bacon bacon substitution. No such thing. Does not exist. Case closed.)

Instead of sacrificing our pancakes and breakfast burritos I’ve learned to modify modify modify! My most recent modification led us to something we call French Toast Pancakes.

Now, these are “French Toast Pancakes” in the sense that they taste a little like french toast. I will not be one of those food blogs that swears it tastes just like the real thing. No way. But, for all intensive, fibrous, healthy, and nutrient dense breakfast adventures, yea, sure, these taste like french toast! 🙂


  1. I started with Bob’s Red Mill Organic Pancake & Waffle mix. But I’m sure you can use whatever mix you would like or just your own homemade base of preferred flour and baking soda. This is a pretty healthful pancake mix that packs its own 8g of protein and 5g of fiber. That’s not bad for a Saturday morning splurge!


2. Roughly following the Red Mill instructions for pancakes (which calls for 1 cup pancake mix) , I used ½ cup pancake mix and ½ cup oats. Now this mix is so good on its own I hardly needed to use a substitute. If anything we just cut the calories by a little bit.


* I started making my own “oat flour” by blending my oats in a food processor. I don’t know if that’s allowed, but I’ve been doing it and used it a couple times. So far so good!

3.  Bob’s calls for ¾ cup milk. I used coconut milk. Saves us calories and we’re not using milk. I’ve heard things about milk. I like to cut back when we can. So what the hey, I used coconut milk. Delicious.


4. Next  the package  calls for 1 egg. Instead of an egg I use, and have been using a “flax egg”. This saves us  $ (since we only buy organic eggs), calories, and cholesterol. This is an amazing substitute and you can not tell the difference. I promise. And now you can invite your vegan friend over and they can play with all the other kids in pancake land.


5.  Package calls for 1 tbsp oil. This is where people lose their salvation. Canola oil is off limits basically. I just used our last bit of veggie oil and we won’t buy it again. Not worth it. It’s been genetically modified so many times it may as well be a Barbie doll. Olive oil does not belong in my baked goods. I appreciate the substitute and the effort but no. So I used 1 tbsp coconut oil. It just needs to be melted ( I melted it on the skillet that was heating for our pancakes). It’s delicious. You’ll never know.


6.  To make it French toasty, I added a dash (about a teaspoon) of vanilla extract, and a couple wrist jerks (about 2 tsp.) of ground cinnamon



7.  Add Ons. This is where you as a wife, mom, friend, coworker, president, human can really get creative and help the people around you. To our “finished” pancake batter I added tablespoons of chia and flax seeds. Its an Omega 3 party up in here!! It also accounted for about 8g’s of extra fiber. You could take this moment to add whatever you want. Blueberries, goji berries, beet juice (not kidding!), cocoa nibs, etc. Whatever packs a nutrient punch, add it in and watch as your family doesn’t even know the difference.



8. Cook as usual on your skillet. Serve with High Fructose maple syrup and maybe a slathering of margarine. Juuuuuust Kidding! 😉





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