Pseudo Gardener

Sorry it’s taken me a bit to get something posted. I’ve been waiting for my garden to grow. No really. And by garden I mean 3 separate plants scattered around my house that I grew from table scraps.

You’ve seen the posts on Pinterest (maybe they were from me), “Never buy green onion again!” “Grow your own avocado tree!”

The second statement is a little intense for me and my small rental home but the rumors are definitely true! It is no less than a revival for this gardening newbie. I have successfully grown and maintained organic garlic, green onion and romaine lettuce from my table scraps!!

Talk about living on a budget. I would like to share an update of my garden goods with ya’ll.

Here’s my regrown romaine. You simply shop your romaine head down to the heart and stick the heart, leaves up in a cup of water. The result is this…


So it works! The problem is what you get is baby romaine heart leaves that can probably only fill up, well, a baby. And the water (that I just changed yesterday) turns nasty brown in a flash. Probably not one I’ll keep up on but it was fun while it lasted.

The second experiment was with green onion. Cut your green onion down to the white, and stick root side down into a cup of water. Holy Moly green onion forever!! Such a success. However after about 1 month fruit flies started laying eggs in the water so I replanted in soil in the front yard. Here are my fresh cut green onions (we had nachos) that keep coming back!!


Wow that picture is blurry, but you get the point. Replanting your green onion = huge success!

Lastly, oh it’s so beautiful. Garlic. Take one clove of peeled (or is it unpeeled?) garlic and plant in soil flat base side down. Within only one month, I have these pretties…


I apologize for these quick pictures. if you live in Vacaville you understand that it is extremely uncomfortable to stay in direct sunlight for more than about 23 seconds today, but anyways…

I’m telling you they sprouted SO fast. They need lots of direct sunlight so they are loving our front porch. They’re supposed to eventually bloom these crazy spirally white tips. Once the green stems turn brown and die off, they’ll be ready to harvest.

Did I just say ready to harvest!? Who am I!?

Happy gardening to you all!! Martha Stewart and I have a lunch date…


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