What’s Cookin

Well faithful followers. I must apologize for the two month hiatus. It has been nearly impossible for me to post recipes, let alone easy and delicious ones. I’ve been craving nothing. I’ve also been craving everything. All because of this little bug…



That’s right! This kitchen has only been cooking up one thing in its oven!!! We are so excited, but really, the food aversions have been life changing and have made it so difficult to think of making anything! One minute I NEED sushi, the next minute I’m getting queezy just thinking about watching Finding Nemo. Hey, Nothing that pounding back three Eggo waffles at 10pm won’t fix.

On top of that, my stomach turns when I think about going into a grocery store. Is that normal? It takes at least one shopping buddy, a ready list, a full stomach, and many deep breathing exercises to make it through Cost-Co these days. (Now I want a polish dog).

Pure madness I tell ya! Meal plans have gone out the window this past month. Along with caffeine, soft cheeses, salami, alcohol, and low rise skinny jeans. Thank God for the hair tie around the button technique.

Just another 3 weeks and we’ll hopefully be past this queezy, aversion/gorging stage. Until then I will do my very best to maintain a food blog while dealing with all day morning sickness 🙂 God only knows the “recipes” that I may produce (Cheap and easy French fries and milkshakes anyone?? Ooohhh, inspiration…)

It’s all worth it for this sweet raspberry growing inside me. Thanks for understanding my friends, and thanks for following the journey 🙂

Love, Hilary & Baby

P.S. If any of you mommy’s remember your favorite and least favorite foods during your 9 months, please share! Would be fun to hear and may give me some ideas 🙂


One thought on “What’s Cookin

  1. I am so excited for you. I even see this time as an opportunity to help other Moms in waiting to see all craving recipes that you will create. They can get quite specific.
    For instance, I was living in Clearlake, Ca and insisted my husband go fishing for fresh blue gill that i seemed to be constantly craving. To this day I couldn’t tell you the difference in Blue Gill or Shark, except for the size. But, it had to be!
    Also, I would literally up-chuck :/ at the smell of BBQ ribs when prego with my daughter. To this day my daughter and little granddaughter always are wanting their fav food, yep, you guessed it, BBQ ribs.
    So enjoy the fun and please keep a good journal.
    Oh, mustn’t forget to add that one day my mother in law came in and ate my last piece of Blue Gill that was in the fridge. Took me quite awhile to get over that one.

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