Worlds Easiest Pad Thai

After 6 weeks of morning sickness, and one stomach flu, I finally put on my big girl pants and made something easy, delicious and blog worthy.

Last night I made up a simple Asian inspired noodle soup using these generic rice noodles.


Although any width or length of rice noodle will do, I liked this brand my friend recommended cause its clean. Only rice, cornstarch and water in the ingredients.

I boiled kale, spinach and garlic in chicken broth and let the noodles summer until tender. Boom. Done. A soup for sick people.

Today I was left with fairly plain leftover cooked noodles and greens, but what I really wanted was chow main or pad Thai. I opted for the latter.

It literally took 2-3 ingredients to make this taste like a legit bowl of Thai noodles.

I mixed 1 tbs of peanut butter, a few dashes of rice vinegar and a glob of this stuff:


This sauce is extremely clean as well and although its not mandatory it definitely added a tangy and spicy flavor that I was wanting. You could easily substitute with more rice vinegar and some chili flakes and maybe a little brown sugar.

Once I had my ingredients, I tossed my leftover noodles, pb, vinegar and chili sauce together until blended and sizzling. Then topped with cashews.


YUUUUUUM. Look at that filtered Instagram Pad Thai 😉 Looking at the picture reminded me how good it was 🙂 Next time Ill slow down (yea right) and add cilantro and green onion and shredded carrot to the top.

I know you’ll enjoy this one!!

** Important announcement!! You’ll all be happy to know that I was recently blessed with a killer deal on a Nikon D50 so these blog photos will not be so painful to look at!! Soon and very soon we’ll get this place looking spruced up! For now Instagram will have to do and actually keeps a lot of photos and recipes I don’t post. Feel free to follow through the sidebar link!


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