PB&J Affair (Steel Cut Oat Cups)

“So what are your cravings?”

Is it a requirement for everyone to ask this question to a pregnant woman every day? I feel as if people are either vicariously hoping to live through my bizarre food concoctions or perhaps they are just waiting to feel better about themselves. “Well, atleast I don’t eat meatball sandwiches at 12am like THAT pregnant woman” (which I don’t by the way). Who knows. But really, I get asked this alot.

My first response would be, “Um, FOOD. And lots of it!” Except not all at once cause I feel like my stomach will explode. But definitely not longer than 2 hrs apart because then I just feel like I’m gonna die.

But this month in particular I can answer, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am craving… PB&J. In all forms. In all ways.

The other night it actually came down to this:


A grilled cheese PB&J.

“Ew! Only a pregnant woman would eat that!”

To that I say “Wrong.” or “Fine. More for me”.

Do not knock this until you try it. It’s the most precious blend of warm, crunchy, sweet, salty, savory, and buttery.

I’m unstoppable. It led me to further discoveries of PB&J delights.

I had originally planned on talking about chicken for my next post. But the rain started falling here and I came across this GREAT recipe for warm, delicious, hearty, healthy Personalized Baked Steel Cut Oat Cups from Sugar Free Mom and I love.. I love… I love them.. (P&P for you fans). I had made her Personalized Baked Oatmeal Cups before and Rich and I both loved them and they contain NO sugar and only real ingredients and even some fruit! ( This is a win for me and trying to feed my picky-ish husband).

The best part is these steel cut oat cups give me the quick snack I need to stay feeling full and they absolutely DELICIOUS with a PB&J filling. Like ABSOLUTELY. She lays out the recipe beautifully at Sugar Free Mom, so make sure to click the link. The only changes I made were:

– Almond Milk instead of cows and – A flax seed egg instead of a chicken’s (1 tbsp flax seed, 3 tbsp water, let sit till like a gel, add)         – No Stevia, and not as much honey as suggested.

Still turned out AMAZING. I just heated 2 in the microwave and was SO satisfied.



Here’s to preggo cravings around the world!


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