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I’m so honored to be invited to ” A Tour Through Blogland ” by Sarah of “Little Bus on the Prairie” (She lives on an actual bus… with CHILDREN. Champion award). A weekly snippet of bloggers all around CA and beyond who live life simply, beautifully, and realistically! I’m fairy new to blogging so it’s quite validating that someone finds your life stories worthy to be read, let alone explored! Thank you Sarah for inviting me on the journey, and to all new readers, welcome to Hil’s Kitchen!


Harris Family



2.5 years ago I married my best friend and was a simple living, semi bored house wife who worked from home and volunteered at our church, and enjoyed a more natural way of life. I have always had a love for food (I get it from my parents) and happened to marry one of the most selective eaters of all time ( he’s gotten better, and I’ve learned how to put it nicely 😉 We are also frugal, tight budget, normal people so I liked making the most out of what we had when it came to meals, and always had a knack for writing, thus Hil’s Kitchen was birthed.

Fast forward 2 years later, we became youth pastors, we bought a house and had a little baby girl named Jane (We like to do things all at once). Jane almost died on day 3 of her life and spent 28 days in the ICU for a condition called hyperinsulinism (which she no longer has! ) . The after effects still follow us everyday as Jane is now 7 months old and (for now) experiences frequent petite mal seizures. Our days are filled with hard prayers, neurology visits, and as you can imagine, budgeting for cheap meals is  no longer the topic at the forefront of my mind, but rather my precious little 13 lb. tinker bell fighter of a baby girl, Jane Margaret 🙂 She and my new journey of mommyhood are now what you’ll mostly find on Hil’s Kitchen.


How Does Your Writing/ Creative Process Work? 

Oh dear, I am a hot mess when it comes to organizing thoughts!  That’s why I love my “note” app on my Iphone. If I ever get an idea I am quick to jot it down in there as life is too busy to assume I will remember anything! I also am horrible at self discipline so finding fellow bloggers (like Sarah), or a community of people that requires me to write is absolutely perfect. I need the pressure. Without the pressure I will eat nachos and lay by the pool all day. Or practice “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” on the piano in the middle of August. (You think I’m joking). I am currently doing a summer series for a local business in our area called Eco Chic. Check out some of the amazing diaries! Things like that push me into structure and this little wild flower needs that.


My Muse’s 

My main inspirations are obviously my husband and my daughter. Though I never want to label us as a family with “needs”, I obviously have a little bit of experience that I’m sure other mom’s with sick babies want to hear about. It can feel really lonely so I’m happy to provide some light 🙂 I used to think that I needed to come up with some fabulous photos like the blogging queen herself, The Pioneer Woman, or travel to Italy to be a legit blogger. But most of my musings come from every day experiences. Jane is only 7 months old but she is hilarious. And motherhood, it is super humbling. Like the other day, I forgot Jane at Cost Co. It was on Fathers Day. She’s alive and okay so lets be honest, that’s hilarious. I couldn’t help but immediately think, “That one’s going on the blog”. Or sometimes we have super sweet mother daughter moments, and instead of keeping it to myself, it’s my civic duty as a blogger to share it with ya’ll. It’s humbling and takes boldness, and the audacity to think that people actually CARE, but if there’s anything I’m learning through my sharing and our journey with Jane it’s that people want REAL. So I try to document that as much as I can, even if it’s not pretty.





What am I currently working on? 

Currently, I’m trying to work on a post for Eco Chic Diaries. What has been hard with Jane and her current bout with seizures is it’s hard to process what lessons are just for me, and what lessons I need to share with the world. Some things should be kept sacred, but some things may actually save a person’s sanity. So right now, I’m trying to sort through those thoughts before I post 🙂


Why blog? 

People need your story!  Whether it’s how to eat organic, being single at 35, how to train for a marathon, or living in a bus to save money, someone out there needs to hear it. I know I love finding stories that speak to my hurting heart. I’ve already connected with one specific mama through Instagram, Katie Ewing of Praying for Paisley. It’s seeing stories like her’s that help keep us inspired as a family, and help remind us that we’re not alone and we can keep fighting and keep dancing 🙂 . I think that is what blogging really comes down to, and why it’s so popular… people want to know they’re not alone. Whenever I feel insecure or like no one cares to read what I write, I try to remind myself of that. So when in doubt, just do it! You never know who needs to hear what you have to say, no matter how happy or sad it may be.


Our next stop… 


I’m so excited to introduce you to the next stop on our Tour Through Blogland , From Faye! Some of you who don’t know me probably already know who she is, and to that I would like to say, why yes, I do know her personally 😉 She’s one of my inspirations, she’s hilarious and all about green living and knows how to keep house work interesting, which is a gift. Check her out and your welcome in advance for forever changing your life and introducing you to your new obsession. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Blog Tour

  1. Hi my friend, You are so inspiring! You make me want to start over at your age and write it all down, but alas, I better stay where I am and just soak in your honesty and truths about life that make everyone love you and feel normal about themselves. Keep up the great writing.

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