The Lemon 

The weather is cloudy so I feel released to update the world on our life. When it’s sunny, not a chance! Weird how that mentally works out. 
Something about this baby has been so sweet. I have yet to reveal to the “Facebook World” the fact that we are expecting, even though I’m now in my second trimester (I guess this is the reveal). Everything about Jane went Viral? Public? Don’t really know what to call it, but it happened fast and out of a place of desperation for prayers for our daughter. After that experience everything in me wanted to keep this little lemon inside as hush as possible, but I can only think of one of my biggest frustrations: The silent world of special needs parents. 

It really is awful, the stigma that’s hated yet inflicted by our very own. By being too tired, shy, or maybe ashamed to speak up. When I learn of someone a lot like us, in regards to parenting, who has a social media platform and does not use it to encourage or equip other parents who don’t have hope, resources or stamina for the journey, it pangs me. And still, I get it. It’s a tiresome journey that requires careful choices of who you will let into your circle and share your intimate details with. And that aspect I completely understand. 

Still, I will not go down like that. I’m excited for a new chapter that does not involve emergency visits and therapy for simple tasks, but I’m also excited to share how the dynamics of family, siblings, emotions and life will shift through this new addition. Always in hopes and for the purpose of encouraging someone out there who is struggling, feeling alone and overall a giant mess. That’s probably every parent though (moms and dads of dogs included). 

I hope to keep the sharing more frequent, as I do not want to be the silent majority. However, it’s supposed to be sunny and hot again soon, so who knows. 

For now I’d like you to know a little bit more about our lemon: 

  • Due spring 2016
  • Gender TBD
  • Jane knows it exists and has been EXTRA cuddly since its inception. She senses it like a velociraptor.
  • I binge watched Gilmore Girls in my first trimester. So male or female, this is my GG baby. (Lauren Graham, I hope you see this and call me up)
  • Insatiable cravings for cream cheese with this one. Therefore dubbed the “Duke or Duchess of Cream Cheese”
  • I preached on stage 8 times during this babe’s first trimester. I dry heaved through all of my sermon prep and a couple times backstage. If I ever had an excuse not to public speak, this would’ve been it, however I missed that window. 
  • So far, baby is stronger than hoped for 🙂 Surprised our RN at 13 wks with noticeable kicks and punches and a loud heartbeat that she wouldn’t expect until 16 wks. For that I am so grateful. 

3 thoughts on “The Lemon 

  1. I love you and love reading your blogs. I encourage to keep sharing your heart even through the midst of every season and storm…its brings enlightenment, awareness, hope (even when you don’t think it), and faith for everyone who reads your blogs. This is your story, and you never know who might be reading it and who so desperately needs to hear it. I’m so excited for this new chapter in your life, and will not stop praying for big sister, for you and Rich for strength and endurance (and in Jesus name, let the dry heaving stop;) love you guys!

  2. Very excited for you and your family! Especially Jane because over the years of working with special needs children I have seen that the best, most motivating “therapists” are younger siblings! Thanks for sharing your heart.

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